Meet Girlee

Meet my Great Aunt Catherine; the one and only Girlee! When I was a little girl she was my glamourous relative that would sweep into town from “up north'” and serve as my Grandfather’s playful tormentor and my Grandmother’s (her younger sister) fierce protector. She lived in Atlantic City and I imagined that her life was full of night life and all kinds of exciting things that just didn’t happen in Newport News, Virginia. In addition to all of that Aunt Catherine crocheted, her specialty was pineapple stitch lace. As I entered young adulthood, my professional life brought me to Delaware. From there, I could easily get to Aunt Catherine’s senior apartment 2 blocks from the boardwalk in Atlantic City on weekends. What wonderful weekends they were – spending time with Aunt Catherine and having her teach me how to crochet. She was no easy teacher, and at times it seemed like I took out more stiches than I made, but I wouldn’t trade a thing for those memories. On one of my last visits, Aunt Catherine gave me some of the hooks she used to make the finest of lace. You see her sight was starting to fail and she could no longer see well enough to create lace. Those hooks remain among my most prized possessions. When I decided to start my business, there was truly no other name that would work…Love you Aunt Girlee!


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